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9.000 denars for information on the salaries in Butel municipality

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to publish this information in the “Believe it or not” section, but the information on the municipal councillors’ salaries in the Skopje municipality - Butel costs 9.000 MKD! Saying that “the information is of a public character and could be abused”, PE “Bregalnica” from Delcevo refuses to issue a copy of the water analysis for the previous month and offers oral reply since “they are not allowed to issue it in written, with a stamp”.

Following the initial silence and lodged complaint, the Government informed the citizen that they do not have any information on how much money was allocated from the budget for the “Invest in Macedonia” campaign. The Court council refuses to issue a copy of the minutes of the constituent session after finding that “it is not information of public character that the Council is obliged to make available to the citizens”.

Such paradoxes are a common case whenever citizens require information from the national or local level institutions.

This was emphasized yesterday at the promotion of the report “Wall of silence” organized by FOSIM on the occasion of one year since the beginning of the implementation and monitoring of the Law on free access to information of public character

Source: Katica Cangova / Utrinski vesnik, 27.11.2007