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One year since the beginning of the implementation of the Law on free access to information

The Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia, in cooperation with 14 NGOs, observed the realization of the right on free access to information of public character during the first year of its implementation.

A total number of 625 requests addressed to 75 institutions on a central level, within 31 municipalities, were submitted in Republic of Macedonia during the first year of the implementation. The research results show that the authorities should:

Ensure access to the information of public character

Only 38% of the requests on a central level and 58% on a local level have received replies during the past year. This shows that the central government replies to every third request, while the local government to every second. 

Not to abuse the non-responsiveness on the part of the administration

The central government gave no reply to 43% of the requests which is almost half of the total number of the submitted requests. The local government gives no reply to every second request.

Publicly announce the lists of available information of public character

A free telephone line was opened for the citizens that need legal advice regarding the realization of their right on free access to information of public character:  0800-44-222*.

We constantly expand the democracy frontiers!

*The line is supported by the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, the Swedish Helsinki Committee and FOSIM.