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Disclosure of personal data will be fined up to 5.000 EUR

According to the changes in the Law on protection of personal data that are being drafted by the Ministry of justice, the Directorate for protection of personal data will charge fines up to 5.000 EUR for legal entities and up to 2.000 EUR for natural persons in cases where the law is being offended. PhD Ana Pavlovska – Daneva announced this yesterday during the meeting with the journalists at the Faculty of Law. 

The purpose of this meeting was the improvement of the implementation of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Character and it was organized by Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia (FOSIM). The key issue discussed at the debate was not the law itself but the way media broadcast the information.

-          More rigorous fines should be established to reach the desired goal – said Daneva.

To set an example, she mentioned the TV broadcasting of Jorgo Kjuka’s detention.