Project: Monitoring the free access to public information

On Sunday, September 16th, 2007, training was conducted for 100 applicants in Skopje, who will submit requests to the information holders of central level, by using the right from the Law on free access to information of public character. The goal is to test the implementation of the law during the year 2007. The Macedonian Association of Young Lawyers (MYLA) is the implementing partner of FOSIM in its project activities.

Our “transparent” Government is the most silent institution in the country

The “transparent” Government is actually the most silent institution in our country. It seems that the Government’s leading position in the top list of isolated institutions is more than deserved. The administration of Nikola Gruevski did not have the courtesy to reply to a single question of the citizens even after a year since practicing the Law on free access to public information! The government departments for culture, health, defense, diplomacy and education cannot be praised for their openness either.

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