European Convention on Access to Official Documents

In case of adopting the current Draft European Convention on Access to Official Documents, it shall be legitimized a treaty which fails to ensure adequate protection of the right which in this moment can be found in number of national laws on free access to information and would underplay the great progress made in these resent years, realized in Republic of Macedonia as well.

629 requests, 40% with no reply!

A total number of 629 requests was submitted by the citizens to the public institutions out of which 40% faced the “silence of the administration”, indicates the report on the implementation of the Law on free access to information of public character. The report, according to Nikola Tupancheski, member of the Executive board of the Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia (FOSIM), elaborately lists the results of the monitoring conducted between September 2006 and September 2007. The purpose of the report is to show how the information holders implement the Law i.e. how they respond to certain requests for access to information.  

9.000 denars for information on the salaries in Butel municipality

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to publish this information in the “Believe it or not” section, but the information on the municipal councillors’ salaries in the Skopje municipality - Butel costs 9.000 MKD! Saying that “the information is of a public character and could be abused”, PE “Bregalnica” from Delcevo refuses to issue a copy of the water analysis for the previous month and offers oral reply since “they are not allowed to issue it in written, with a stamp”.

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